BigKeys LX Large Key Desktop Keyboard

BigKeys BigKeys LX Large Key Desktop Keyboard
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USB and PS2
Yellow/Grey 6+ Weeks £Call Info £Call
  • Black Upper Case Letters
  • Yellow Keys
  • QWERTY Layout
The simple layout of the BigKeys LX has 2.5cm square keys with lettering 10 times larger than standard. This makes the keys more legible so if you struggle to see the keys on a standard keyboard layout the BigKeys LX will make keys more easily recognisable.  

There are 11 different versions of the BigKeys LX keyboard suitable for early learners users and users with visual impairment and those with limited mobility as each variation comes with a different large print keyboard layout. 

The rugged and dependable BigKeys LX is the same size as a standard keyboard and offers more advanced computer users a full range of keys for writing letters e-mail spreadsheets and other text entry.

Key Features:
  • BigKeys LX includes all function keys F1 - F12 making it especially suitable for use with literacy software. 
  • Choose from QWERTY or ABC layout; lower or upper case letters black lettering on white keys or black lettering on assorted brightly coloured keys. 
  • Variety of key layouts available Full keyboard functionality with only 60 keys. 
  • Punctuation and Internet ready symbols.
  • PS2 Connector with a USB adaptor now available.
  • Plug in and go for all PCs including Vista (PS2 and USB) iMac (with PS2 to USB adapter)

Numeric Keypad
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
Integrated Peripherals
Additional Information

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