Keysonic ACK-3400U Super-Mini Keyboard

Keysonic Keysonic ACK-3400U Super-Mini Keyboard
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  • Super-Mini Compact Keyboard
  • QWERTY Layout
  • Full Keyboard Functionality
Hardly bigger than a flyer

Being only 21cm in length the ACK-3400U Super Mini Keyboard from Keysonic is perfect for desks with minimal space or if you’re working whilst travelling, this keyboard is the solution for you. In addition to this it has most of the functions of a full-sized keyboard including a embedded number pad, so there’s no need for an extra peripheral thus saving space and money.

As light as a chocolate bar

Weighing in at a measly 220g, the ACK-3400U Super Mini Keyboard is the perfect companion on your business travels as its light enough to almost be unnoticeable even if you put it in your pocket; this allows for the ACK-3400U Super Mini Keyboard to be taken anywhere with you without you having to worry about mobility.

Type in Comfort and Style

With SoftSkin® technology and matte black look not only does this keyboard have something for functionality but also for the eye as it won’t look out of place anywhere on a desk or on-the-go; the ACK-3400U Super Mini Keyboard from Keysonic is not only about functionality but looking good whilst getting the best possible performance out of the keyboard.

Wired and Quiet

Being wired with USB connectivity allows for the ACK-3400U Super Mini Keyboard to have plug and play functionality which allows for easy set up and for the user to start typing seconds after plugging in, also with X-Type membrane technology the ACk-3400U is astoundingly quiet, allowing for a much quieter and smoother typing experience.
218 x 102 x 14mm
Numeric Keypad
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
Integrated Peripherals
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