Accuratus Monster 2 Mix Upper Case Keyboard

Accuratus Accuratus Monster 2 Mix Upper Case Keyboard
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  • Black Case
  • Extra large 1 Mixed Colour Keys
  • Upper case Font
Perfect for Children

With bright, colourful images and vivid use of colour, this keyboard makes it perfect for children and those teaching children how to use a keyboard without having to use a visually ‘boring’ keyboard. With features such as key referencing, larger keys and most of the keys that would appear on a standard keyboard, the Monster 2 Mix from Accuratus is a perfect companion for your child or your pupils.

Key Referencing

Clever use of colours is what makes the Monster 2 Mix keyboard from Accuratus special. Using colours to reference the different keys such as Numbers, Vowels, Consonants and others this keyboard is perfect for teaching children the difference between all the different keys whilst being user friendly.

Big Keys for Small Fingers

Boasting 1 inch sized keys this allows the user to press the right key and have great visibility allowing for ease of use for children and get used to using a keyboard as well as typing cleanly also with the addition of an optional key guard to help even further you can’t go wrong with the Monster 2 Mix from Accuratus.
465 x 180 x 27 mm
Numeric Keypad
Wired / Wireless
ROHS, CE, FC, IP Rated, Spill Proof Technology
1 Year Limited Warranty
Integrated Peripherals
2 Port USB 2.0 Hub
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