KBS Gaming News

Gaming Expansion

We at KBS are expanding. As we try to cater for most industries, there is one sector which we are lacking. ‘What is that?’ I hear you ask, well it would be known as our gaming range.

Yes Luke, we don't have many gaming keyboards...

As we are lacking a full roster of gaming products we decided it was time to change that, we are looking to now be stocking the likes of Cougar and ROCCAT to our existing gaming lines of Thermaltake and i-Rocks. As we are still trying to finalise things concerning some brands, nothing as of yet is fully official but that doesn't mean we won’t eventually stock these products, only time will tell!
The Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard. One of the few keyboards that's in the think-tank

In any event here is a list of brands that we are looking to start selling to you our lovely customers: 
- Cougar*
- DasKeyboard*
- Thermaltake*
- i-Rocks*
- Sharkoon*

Keep an eye out on both our website and our Twitter, https://twitter.com/kbskeyboards, for updates about our Gaming range.

*This list is subject to change at any time, for accurate updates check the website, our twitter or phone up regarding the gaming range.