Big Keys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard

BigKeys Big Keys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard
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USB and PS2
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  • Black Upper Case Letters
  • White Keys
  • ABC Layout
The simple layout of the BigKeys Plus has 2.5cm square keys with lettering 10 times larger than standard. This makes the keys more legible so children that struggle to see the keys on a standard keyboard layout will be able to easily recognise them. 

The BigKeys Plus Large Key Keyboard has lower case white ABC keys which is designed to be less confusing for young children and those with SEN. The BigKeys Plus Keyboard is ideal for assisting with learning letters words and numbers.

BigKeys Plus keyboards support nursery and Keystage 1 children as well as those with motor disability hand tremor, dyslexia and other related difficulties. 

The rugged and dependable BigKeys Plus is the same size as a standard keyboard and works straight out of the box, using plug in and play technology.  

The layout on the BigKeys Plus Keyboard is as simply as possible and is similar to any keyboard in the world and children love being able to easily get results without all the clutter and confusion. 

Key Features:
  • BigKeys now comes with a USB connector included.
  • This keyboard comes with only 48 keys and no multiple key symbols - just letters and numbers.
  • Plug and go for all PCs (PS2 and USB) iMac (with PS2 to USB adapter).
Numeric Keypad
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
Integrated Peripherals
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