Big Keys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard

BigKeys Big Keys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard
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USB and PS2
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  • Black Upper Case Letters
  • White Keys
  • ABC Layout
Perfect for Children and Adults with or without Disabilities

With 1 inch sized keycaps, huge sized lettering and minimal keys, the BigKeys Plus Keyboard is there for ease of use no matter who uses it. Designed for children with or without SEN (Special Educational Needs) and Adults who suffer from disabilities in motor skills or their vision, the BigKeys Plus Keyboard is here to assist and support where needed.

White Keycaps and Black Lettering

With a simple Black on White contrast, it’s easy to recognise each and every letter and symbol on the keyboard, also sporting asmaller keyboard layout to most standard keyboards, the BigKeys Plus Keyboard gets rid of all the extra symbols and function keys included, the BigKeys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard is designed to give the user ease of use as there’s no other buttons that could deter a young learner.

Big Keys for Small Hands

Rocking a huge 1-inch sized square key (besides the enter key) to a standard keyboard allows for the user to be able to hit single keys instead of accidentally pressing incorrect or multiple keys at the same time. This makes it easier to register and reassure what is being pressed and is not to be a hinder compared to smaller, and less spaced keys on a standard keyboard.

ABC Layout &Uppercase Lettering

With uppercase lettering and ABC Layout compared to the usual QWERTY layout the BigKeys Plus Large Key Desktop Keyboard is all about ease of use for the user, this would allow the user to get comfortable knowing that the keyboard is tailored to their needs. This is perfect for children who are starting out in learning as the ABC Layout as it will give them a sense of familiarity.

Comes with PS/2 connection but can be used with a USB adapter.
Numeric Keypad
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
Integrated Peripherals
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