Big Keys Big Track Mouse

BigKeys Big Keys Big Track Mouse
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USB and PS2
White/Yellow 6+ Weeks £70.00 Info
  • 70mm Trackball
  • Multiple Habitat Mouse
  • Rugged Design
The BigKeys Big Track Mouse is a strong reliable and easy-to-use 70mm trackball. It is a great alternative for users who may lack fine motor skills that a regular mouse requires.

The giant yellow ball makes it easy to get the cursor to precisely where you want it and you can even do this with your foot or elbow! The Big Track Ball is the same size as a tennis ball making it easy to control and use.

The Big Track assists those who may lack fine motor skills. For example if you have arthritis an ordinary mouse can be difficult to hold and keep the cursor in position whilst you click. The Big Track allows you to settle the cursor in position and then click easily without moving the cursor inadvertently. Choose the Big Track Mouse for users who have problems with fine finger movements or very young children who are learning hand-eye co-ordination. Also useful for special needs users as the big bright yellow ball is attractive and will help to hold attention.
There is a clever ‘Drag-lock feature’ on the Big Keys Big Track Mouse which means you can lock onto a screen object so that it can be dragged with the mouse without continuously holding down the trackball button. This is a great new feature which will assist with controlling objects on the computer easing frustration for children or those who lack fine motor skills.
USB and PS2
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
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