X-keys XK-12 Plus Jog and Shuttle Fully Programmable Keypad

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  • Instantly Program Macros
  • Built in Jog and Shuttle
  • 12 Fully Programmable Keys
Available from Keyboard Specialists (KBS) with a small footprint that is useful for handheld and desktop use, the XK-12 unit with jog and shuttle can be used for a wide variety of functions. With 12 re-programmable keys and integrated red and blue backlighting, the XK-12 unit is fully functional in all environments including broadcasting and media, 3D Modelling, Lighting Controls or Auction Bidding.
Clear key lenses keeps printed or hand written legends in place and protects them from ware while constantly using this keypad – while still being quick and easy to update supporting the versatile control used in any computer application. 

The Jog Wheel: 
The jog wheel is the inner dial pictured above. It can be turned a full 360 degrees clockwise, or counter clockwise. The wheel has 10 gentle friction points that prevent it from spinning freely. A small finger depression is located on top of the wheel to prevent fingers from slipping off during use. The jog wheel is capable of analogue or digital output. The default operation of the jog wheel sends left or right arrow keys, when turned counter clockwise or clockwise, respectively. The functions activated by the wheel's rotation can be changed within the MacroWorks 3 software.

The Shuttle Knob: 
The shuttle knob can be rotated roughly 30 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise, and automatically returns to the neutral position when released. The knob has 15 recognized events along this range of motion: seven for each direction, and one for neutral. All of these events can be programmed within MacroWorks 3.1. The default operation is to send left and right arrow keys at a set rate when the knob is turned counter clockwise or clockwise, increasing in rate as the knob is turned further.

Compatible with Windows and Mac with free downloadable programming software, the XK-12 is perfect for anyone who wants to work with ease and create shortcuts to support and assist with workload. 

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are officially the UK distributor of X-keys products and we take pride when dealing with all X-keys enquiries. We keep large amounts of stock of all products and take care when packaging and dispatching to ensure these products arrive in pristine condition. KBS will happily work on any custom X-keys projects and supports you through the entire ordering process, working quickly and efficiently on any enquiry. Even after-purchase support is available if you need any help with installing or setting up your X-keys. 

147mm x 97mm x 39mm
Wired / Wireless
1 Year Limited Warranty
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