Multimedia Keyboards

Do you use media players? Hot keys and shortcuts essential? KBS has a great range of multimedia keyboards and accessories in stock ready for next day delivery.
AVK02 Wireless Air Keyboard
Keysonic KSK-3205 RF Keyboard
Cherry G85-23100 'Stream XT' Desktop Keyboard
Cherry G86-22000 CyMotion Expert Keyboard
Cherry J82-16000 Desktop Office Keyboard
Cherry JK-0300 Strait Desktop Keyboard
Cherry JK-0800 Whisper Quiet Keystrokes
KSK-6001UELX Wired USB keyboard
Thermal Take Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard
Thermal Take MEKA G1 Gamer Keyboard
Xebec ONYX Bluetooth Keyboard
Xebec Tech HTPC Keyboard
Xebec Tech Media Line Keyboard
Xebec Tech X-Line Keyboard