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Cherry – Looking for a programmable keypad?

Cherry – Looking for a programmable keypad?


Looking for a keypad for all your shortcutting needs? The G84-4700 keypad comes with 21 keys which all can be user defined; each key is able to be programmed up to 24 characters meaning shortcutting is simple and easy.

This keypad also comes with four additional user-programmable function keys, which can also be labelled individually to suit your desires.

Are you a lefty?

This keypad is fantastic for left handed typists who are unable to reach their numpad. Instead you can use the G84-4700 ML Programmable keypad on the left side of your keyboard for better accessibility.

Using a Laptop?

If you’re a laptop user, your keyboard may be missing a numpad, but don’t worry, use the G84-4700 as an additional extension of your laptop keyboard!


Want to become more efficient and productive in your work place? Programming a single key to do something in 1 action that would take you 24 actions; now that’s saving you minutes.


The G84-4700 ML is a mechanical keypad, compared to rubber membrane keypads your keys will actuate faster saving you time. You will also find that the G84-4700 ML does not wear down as fast as a membrane keypad, making it more cost-effective and durable.

Looking for a keyboard? This keypad matches the design of the Cherry Keyboard G84-4100

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