PrehKeyTec keyboards are completely ideal for retail applications. Being completely customisable and rugged design makes them usable in till locations.

Optional integrations of fingerprint readers, card readers and touchpads.

Contact a member of the Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) team on 0203 474 0234 for more information.

PrehKeyTec MCI 30 Series Programmable Keypad
PrehKeyTec Standalone Module ML 2 MSR and OCR reader
PrehKeyTec SIK-2500 The Illuminated Silicone Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MSI 60 POS Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 96 Programmable Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 84 POS Keyboard with MSR Reader
PrehKeyTec MCI 60 Programmable Keypad
PrehKeyTec MCI 3000 Cash Desk Programmable Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 128 POS Keyboard with MSR Reader
PrehKeyTec MCI 111 Professional OCR Reader Keyboard