Military & Defense

For military specification keyboards, they have to be tough, ruggedized, able to withstand tremendous amounts of strain, and work in any given environment. KBS stocks these keyboards and more. With panel, rack, VESA and desktop versions on a host of products, not to mention illumination, IP rating and Nema approvals, KBS has got you covered.
iKey BT-87-TP Desktop Bluetooth Keyboard
iKey DP-72 Desktop Keyboard
iKey DP-88 Desktop Keyboard
iKey DT-1000 Industrial Keyboard - Stainless Steel
iKey DT-2000 Industrial Keyboard - Stainless Steel
iKey DT-2000-TB Industrial Keyboard - Stainless Steel
iKey DT-5K Industrial Keyboard with HulaPoint
iKey DT-OM Medical/Industrial Mouse
iKey DT-TB Industrial Desktop Trackball
iKey DU-1K Industrial Keyboard
iKey DU-5K Desktop Keyboards with HulaPoint
iKey DU-5K-NI Keyboards with HulaPoint - Non-Incendive
iKey DU-5K-TB Industrial Keyboard
iKey DU-5K-TP2 Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad
iKey Industrial Keyboard PM-81 Panel Mount
iKey Industrial Keyboard PM-88 Panel Mount