Healthcare & Infection Control

KBS has the largest medical IT hardware range in the UK. Our medical and infection control keyboards are built to the highest standards with cleanliness at the heart of the project. Cross contamination and infection are a major issue in healthcare settings; our vast range of waterproof, fully cleanable and wipe-able keyboards are key to minimising HCAIs. Fully HTM01-05 compliant and NHS approved, these keyboards are ideal for use in Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors and Vets.
AccuMed Glass Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad
Purekeys Wireless Medical Keyboard and Mouse Set
Medigenic Keyboard Cover Replacement
Medigenic Compliance Compact Keyboard
Cherry J84-2800 Medical Keyboard
Accuratus KYB500-K82E Sealed IP65 Mini Keyboard
Cherry J84-4300 ‘Wipe-key’ Keyboard
Cherry MW-2800 Medical Mouse
Unotron Medical Keyboard and Mouse Bundle
Cherry MW-2900 Washable Mouse
Indukey TKG-086-IP68-WHITE Keyboard
Indukey TKG-104-MB-IP68 with Integrated Hulapoint
Indukey TKG-104-TOUCH-IP68 Rated Keyboard
Purekeys Medical Mouse - Wireless
Athena Medical AMK102 Wired Keyboard
InduKey TKG-106-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE Clinical Keyboard
Purekeys Medical Mouse - Wired
Purekeys Medical Keyboard and Mouse Set