Water Proof / IP Rated Industrial Keyboards

IP Rated Water Proof Keyboards

Whether you require a keyboard which will work if coffee spills on it, or a keyboard which is being used in saltwater and marine applications day in, day out, Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS)  have a the UKs largest range of waterproof keyboards with many in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Ideal for dental practices, NHS hospitals or other clinical environments. Contact KBS today on 0203 474 0234 for more information. 

Keysonic KSK-8030 Waterproof Keyboard
KBS-PC-D Stainless Steel Keyboard with Trackball
AccuMed Value Full Size IP68 5-Button Medical Mouse
KBS-PC-I Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard with Trackball
KBS-PC-C Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard
KBS-PC-DT Stainless Steel Keyboard with Touchpad
Keysonic KSK-5031 Waterproof Keyboard
KBS-PC-A Panel Mount Stainless Steel Keyboard