Programmable Keyboards

Programmable, re-legendable, customisable, high quality keyboards and keypads. X-Keys, Cherry, MX, Tipro, PrehKeyTec, Ceratech and many more options available. Contact us with your requirements and we can help support you and your project to ensure you have the right programmable peripheral.
X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keypad
X-keys XK-80 Fully Programmable Keyboard
X-keys XKE-124 T Bar USB Keyboard
X-keys XK-60 Fully Programmable Keyboard
X-keys XK-24 Special Edition Keypad
X-keys XK-16 Fully Programmable Stick
Tipro 'Free' - Qwerty Keyboard Module
X-keys 16 Key Programmable KVM Stick
X-keys XK-A-77-R Rack Mounting Kit - XK Stick
Tipro 'Free' - Matrix Keyboard Module With 32 Keys
Tipro 'Free' - Matrix Keyboard Module With 64 Keys
Tipro 'Free' - Matrix Keyboard Module With 96 Keys
Tipro 'Free' - Matrix Keyboard Module With 128 Keys
X-keys XKR-32 Rack Mounted Keyboard
X-Keys XKE-128 Programmable KVM Keyboard
X-keys XK-80 Programmable KVM Keyboard
X-keys XK-8 Fully Programmable KVM Stick
X-keys XK-68 Joystick Keyboard
X-keys XK-60 Programmable KVM Keyboard
X-keys XK-4 Fully Programmable KVM Stick