Industry & Production

KBS offers a vast range of ruggedised, IP rated and Nema approved keyboards to suit any given environment. Whether you work in food production, kiosks, manufacturing, aerospace or the automotive industry, KBS has the right solution for you.

Contact a member of the Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) team on 0203 474 0234 for more information.

Accuratus KYB500-K82E Sealed IP65 Mini Keyboard
KBS-PC-D Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard with Trackball
KBS-TB-A Panel Mount Stainless Steel Touchpad
KBS-TB-38G Panel Mount Stainless Steel Optical Trackball
KBS-TB-38 Panel Mount Stainless Steel Trackball
KBS-PC-I Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard with Trackball
KBS-TB-38-DESK Desktop Stainless Steel Trackball
KBS TB-38 EX PS/2 & USB Top Mounting Trackball
Accumed Washable Mouse - MOUNA-SIL-CBK
KBS-PC-C Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard
KBS-TB-A-DESK Desktop Stainless Steel Touchpad
KBS-PC-DT Stainless Steel Keyboard with Touchpad
KBS-PC-A Panel Mount Stainless Steel Keyboard
KBS-TB-AT Stainless Steel Touchpad
KBS-PC-N Stainless Steel Keyboard with Trackball