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Keyboard Specialists are happy to support, advise and offer guidance on all things keyboard. Please contact us with your specific queries and a member of our team will assist you.

Can you supply Keysonic replacement dongles?

Yes we can – please email us ( with your model and serial number – we can then best advise on the availability of a replacement Keysonic dongle

What grade Stainless Steel is used for the KBS range?

As standard we use grade 304 stainless steel however, we can get grade 316 and above if required

Which barcodes can be decoded by Cherry keyboards?

Most bar codes can be decoded. The keyboard automatically detects the specific bar code symbology. A list of all bar codes that can be decoded can be found in the User Manual. 

Supported bar code symbologies:

Code 39
Code 128
Interleaved 2/5
Industrial 2/5
Matrix 2/5
Code 93
Code 11
Code 16K

Do you have keyboards available in other languages?

Yes, here are some of the popular languages we get requests for: 

Cyrillic (Russian)

For more information on different keyboard layouts, Please see our International Keyboards section on our website or alternatively, contact us with your requirements.

In which markets are your keyboards used?

We have keyboards suitable for a wide range of markets including: Automotive, Military, Point of Sale, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Gaming, Telecommunications, and Financial to name a few.

Can you customise keycaps for an existing keyboard? 

Yes, we can make sets of custom keycaps, however, it is more cost effective for larger volumes of say 50+ sets.

Can you customise a Cherry keyboard?

Yes, as an authorised Cherry distributor we can offer replacement keys, keycaps, overlays and templates to suit your application. Please contact us with your requirements.

What are the media keys used for on a keyboard?

Media keys can be used to launch everyday applications such as an internet browser, calculator, email, and to control DVDs and Audio CDs.

Which operating systems will the Cherry keyboards work on?

The Cherry keyboards will operate on any IBM compatible PC running Windows. For the newer MAC OS, the USB Keyboards are compatible. For older versions of MAC OS you may need to purchase a Cherry keyboard that has been designed for MACs.

What colour Cherry MX switches do you have?

We have a range of Cherry MX keyboards with a variety of different switches. These include; Blue MX, Black MX, Red MX and Brown MX.

I work as a data entry clerk and I believe that the keyboard I am using is causing pains in my wrist RSI. Can you suggest a keyboard to overcome this problem? (RSI = Repetitive Strain Injury)

Yes, there are a number of different keyboards we can offer to help reduce/prevent injury whilst typing, please see the Ergonomic section of our website or contact us with your specific requirements for more information on the various products. 

Please Note: there are other factors that may be causing your injury other than the type of keyboard you use. These include, the height of your chair, workstation, and the placement of your mouse and monitor. Proper placement and design of computer equipment and other office items can help prevent typing injuries like RSI. 

In any case, if you are in pain whilst working and suspect it is RSI, we strongly recommend that you notify your work and seek medical advice from a doctor. If treated in the early stages there is a strong chance of recovery.

What is a trackball or trackerball?

A trackball/trackerball is a ball which is used as an alternative to a mouse. The ball is controlled with your fingertips and is already integrated into the keyboard or as a stand-alone product.

What is a touchpad or trackpad?

A touchpad/trackpad is a pad which is used as an alternative to a mouse. The pad is controlled with your fingertips and is already integrated into the keyboard or as a stand-alone product.

What is a medical keyboard?

Medical keyboards are waterproof, cleanable, hospital safe peripherals which can be used as a control method for infection control by being cleaned at regular intervals to reduce the chances of infection spreading.

Waterproof, washable, cleanable, reliable, cost-effective. KBS work on these principles to offer the UK’s largest range of medical keyboards and mice.

Can medical keyboards help reduce Health Care Associated Infections (HCAIs)?

Yes – studies have shown that by regularly cleaning keyboards and mice that infection traits can be reduced and help to minimise the chance of spreading infection. Controlling the cleaning times and cleaning effectively can help improve patient safety. 

Why have a medical keyboard instead of a cover?

Medical keyboards do not require covers as they are already waterproof and cleanable. Medical keyboards do not require covers to be taken off or put back on, they do not reduce the typing experience and they are very cost-effective when taking cleaning time/materials into consideration.

Can programmable keyboards be reprogrammed?

Yes – X-Keys, Tipro, PrehKeyTec and Accuratus programmable keyboards can all be reprogrammed after manufacturing.

Do you keep items in stock?

Yes. KBS has its own fully operational warehouse facility as well as access to many manufacturer's stock directly.

The KBS warehouse is located in the UK and we use a fully insured courier to guarantee a swift delivery (subject to stock levels)

Do you offer discounts?

KBS is the leading UK distributor of specialised IT hardware. We do try to support re-sellers, NHS and system builders where possible – please contact us with your requirements for more details.

How do you clean a medical keyboard?

Each keyboard is different. Most medical keyboards can be sprayed, disinfected or wiped clean using any hospital grade cleaning materials. Please refer to the manufacturer’s handbook or call us for specific cleaning details if you are unsure.

I haven’t received my email confirmation for my order – has it gone through?

If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 30 minutes of placing your order, please call us on 0203 474 0234 or email us at so that we can confirm your details.