KBS Dental Keyboards are fully HTM01-05 compliant. With waterproof, medically approved, compact, integrated pointing device and wireless all available from stock, KBS has the UK's largest dental keyboard and mouse range.

Contact a member of the Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) team on 0203 474 0234 for more information.

Unotron Medical Keyboard and Mouse Bundle
Medigenic Compliance Compact Keyboard
Cherry J84-4300 ‘Wipe-key’ Keyboard
Cherry J84-2800 Medical Keyboard
Indukey TKG-086-IP68-WHITE Keyboard
Indukey TKG-104-MB-IP68 with Integrated Hulapoint
Indukey TKG-104-TOUCH-IP68 Rated Keyboard
Clinell Medical IP68 Silicone Keyboard
Athena AMK102W Wireless Medical Keyboard Sold out
Athena Medical AMK102 Wired Keyboard
InduKey TKG-106-TOUCH-IP68-WHITE Clinical Keyboard
Purekeys Medical Keyboard and Mouse Set
iKey SBW-97-TP Wireless Medical Keyboard
Cleankeys Wired ISO105 CK3-17 Keyboard
Accumed Compact Medical Keyboard