Banking, Retail & POS

With self-service terminals, mag-swipe readers and POS technology available, KBS is proud to offer the full retail range of keyboards and accessories to the retail industry. Not only does money matter, but now with secure technology built-in, you are safe in the knowledge that our keyboards and POS accessories are of the highest quality.

Contact a member of the Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) team on 0203 474 0234 for more information.

PrehKeyTec MSI 60 POS Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 3000 Cash Desk Programmable Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 128 POS Keyboard with MSR Reader
PrehKeyTec MCI 84 POS Keyboard with MSR Reader
PrehKeyTec Standalone Module ML 2 MSR and OCR reader
PrehKeyTec MCI 111 Professional OCR Reader Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 96 Programmable Keyboard
PrehKeyTec MCI 60 Programmable Keypad
PrehKeyTec MCI 30 Series Programmable Keypad
Accuratus POS Mag Swipe Keyboard K104M
Cherry G86-61411 SPOS Keyboards
Cherry G81-8000 POS Mag-swipe Keyboard Sale
Cherry G81-7000 POS Mag-swipe Keyboard Save 45%
Glory Star Nebula 21.5 inch - Kiosk tablet
Glory Star Nebula 15.6 inch - Kiosk tablet
Glory Star Nebula 10 inch - Kiosk tablet
PrehKeyTec MCI 3100 Cash Desk Programmable Keyboard