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Our Top 5 Computer Keyboards for 2023

Our Top 5 Computer Keyboards for 2023

There was once a time when a keyboard was nothing more than an input device for basic needs but now they have evolved to become so much more. Some are designed for certain industries, some are designed to enhance cleanliness and hygiene while some are designed to travel. Essentially, there is a keyboard for every kind of need but what are the top five keyboards that you need to keep an eye out for in 2023? Read on and we will reveal all.


The Best Gaming Keyboard - CHERRY G80-3000N RGB Gaming Keyboard

This original styled gaming keyboard is designed to offer a unique modern look. It was initially seen in the 1980s but this has been brought into the modern world. The keycaps are still the same shape which is ideal for those who like that retro feel although the changes come in the design of the case which is slimmer while it also offers RGB lighting and electronics. Boasting more than 16 million colours, laser-etched keys and a precise input, gamers are going to love the comfort and style on offer here.


What we love about the G80-3000N

  • MX RED SILENT switches
  • Durable metal housing
  • Made in Germany


The Best Antibacterial Keyboard - Active Key AK-C8100F Wipeable Keyboard in White with Numpad - Wired

This antibacterial keyboard is designed for those environments where hygiene is crucial such as medical settings and dental practices. It offers low-force key actuation and precise key guidance, ensuring it is easy to operate. It has a slick and smart design which makes it easier to fit onto compact desks. Furthermore, it boasts a high level of comfort thanks to the silicone key membrane, all of which also helps to boost hygiene, something that is important if more than one person uses the keyboard.


Why choose the AK-C8100F

  • Flat buttons for safe routine disinfection
  • IP 68
  • Light keystroke for perfect typing


The Best Industrial Keyboard - KBS-PC-F3 Stainless Steel Keyboard with Trackball, FN Keys and Numeric Keypad

For those who work in an industrial setting this model offers a wealth of features that make it possible to carry out a range of functions. It has an integrated trackball, 12 function keys and a numeric keypad, enabling users to take advantage of its full functionality. It is designed with a layer of silicone beneath the stainless steel keys to help protect against dirt, grime and spills, making it ideal for manufacturing plants, processing plants and public use.


What makes the KBS-PC-F3 perfect for industrial plants

  • Silicone protected
  • IP 65
  • Completely customisable


Best programmable keypad - X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keypad

Take command of your computer! The XK-24 has been designed with a number of industries in mind, it is a highly effective solution that packs a punch. It has 24 specially designed programmable keys, allowing users to carry out a range of functions. The keys can be programmed to trigger macros, shortcuts, open tools, folders and directories while it can be easily carried or mounted on a desktop if required. It can also be used in landscape or portrait and has a white backlighting that makes it usable in dim light but also adds to the look. It is compatible with Windows and Mac making it a versatile piece of equipment.


Why you need an XK-24

  • Program it to save you time
  • Easy to install and use
  • Completely customisable for your needs


Best space saver Keyboard - Keysonic ACK-540U+ Wired Keyboard With Integrated Touchpad

Designed to capture the look of a laptop keyboard, this has a slimline and compact design. The ACK-540U+ offers an exceptional level of functionality and the typing experience is of high quality. It is ideal for use with tablets and laptops because it is easy to transport while the plug-and-play technology makes it easy to use and the soft membrane keys help to improve comfort during use. The ACK-540U+ is great for POS, reception areas, training /conference/ presentation rooms, digital living areas.


Key features of the ACK-540U+

  • Full functionality of a full-size keyboard
  • Plug and play installation
  • Super versatile
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