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Big Keys Keyboards Provide a Solution for Both Visually Impaired and Early Learning Computer Users

In a world of computer technology and continuously improving Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), IT manufacturers have seemingly catered for every eventuality. However, for people with sight difficulties, early learning and disabled users, how has computer technology evolved? Over the years, a number of different methods have been implemented to help people with sight difficulties use a computer; the zoom function, larger lettering on the keyboard, speech software, big button keyboards, the list goes on. These features and functions can help assist users in achieving their computer tasks. The same could be said for early learners – with brighter, more colourful keyboards and mice available, as well as newer, educational software to assist and enhance the user experience.

More and more Large Key Keyboards are becoming prominent in today’s market and some offer the user more than others...
KBS is a proud supplier of both Big Keys Keyboards and Accuratus Monster II Keyboards. With extensive knowledge of all 3000+ products, KBS staff are dedicated to working with their clients to achieve the best possible outcome – a 100% satisfied and happy customer.

Big Keys offer a ‘standard’ LX; one inch square keyed keyboard built on a metal internal frame, utilising Cherry Black MX switch technology. This in turn gives a very high quality, cost-effective keyboard. The keyboard has a number of options – upper or lower case letters, QWERTY or ABC layout and coloured, white, black or yellow keys. This is to offer greater choice to the user as some people find upper case, yellow keys easier to see than say lower case, white keys. Despite having only 60 keys, the Big Keys LX offers full 105-key functionality and is even the same size on your desk as a regular keyboard.

Big Keys also offer a Plus version of their keyboard; with the same quality and layout options as the LX, only the Plus does not have more than 1 symbol on any key. The advantage of this becomes obvious when considering early learners – if trying to learn the number ‘5’, on a standard keyboard, ‘5’ has a ‘%’ sign above it. This can be confusing and detrimental to the learning of the user. The Big Keys Plus range eliminates this problem.

Accuratus Monster II Keyboards are spill proof, offer one inch square keys and come with a variety of layout options; yellow, white or coloured keys. The coloured key variant comes with numbers, vowels, consonants and action buttons all grouped to simplify the keyboard. With a membrane technology and a 2 year warranty as standard, the quality is very high.

Both ranges of keyboard are ideal in schools, offices, at home or in care settings – where needed.

Ardeep Badwal, Managing Director for KBS said, “The Big Keys and Accuratus Monster II range of keyboards both offer high quality and great value. With all the variants available, our team are dedicated to working with you to discover which variant is best for you and your needs.”

KBS offer over 3000 specialised IT peripherals such as early learning keyboards, specialist mice and toughened glass monitors. KBS keeps a huge range of all Big Keys and Accuratus Monster II keyboards in stock and ready for next day delivery (UK).

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