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Can Unotron save your life?

Can Unotron save your life?

MRSA is used to describe strains of Staphylococcus Aureus that are resistant to antibiotics, this can be a very serious infection and can be very difficult to treat, causing one of the great concerns in UK hospitals. Computer keyboards are now widely used in hospitals and with access from so many different people and departments, MRSA can easily be spread from person to person. Unotron decided to put this to the test.

Unotron is a medically designed keyboard which, in fact looks like any other keyboard, with one key difference; it can be washed. Ideal for use in medical environments such as hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries, Unotron is specifically manufactured to prevent the passing of bacteria such as MRSA and reduce any cross-contamination. Dr Tony Moore’s white paper tested these medical results in 2005.

10 keys were chosen at random (‘C’, ‘5’/’%’, ‘U’, ‘F12’, ‘9’/’Pgup’, Arrow Down Key, ‘Delete’, ‘Esc’, Far right shift key and ‘@’). These keys were removed and 0.1m/s of the Staphylococcus Aureus was inserted, the key caps were then put back on. The Unotron keyboards were then left for one hour, to allow the bacteria to inhabit and begin to colonise, the keyboards were then tested using seven different cleaning methods.

So which method worked best? Could Unotron’s cleanable, medical keyboard be able to protect us from MRSA? All treatments significantly reduced the levels of Staphylococcus Aureus isolated under the keycaps. Washing the Unotron keyboard under tap water removed the most of the bacteria, on average removing 86.29% of the Staphylococcus Aureus, this showed that using just water removes most of the bacteria however, a chemical disinfectant was essential to ensure optimum sanitation. By using antibacterial washing up liquid an average of 98.32% of the bacteria was removed, significantly reducing the chances of the passing of MRSA in any sanitary environment, compared to a standard keyboard. The best result, however, came from using Presept at 1000ppm (recommended level), being able to kill 100% of the Staphylococcus Aureus isolated in the keyboard! Preventing any chance of the passing of MRSA through clinical environments.

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are able to supply Unotron keyboards for any sanitary environment. Unotron’s S6000K Keyboards (and M12 washable scroll mice) are available in black or grey with both USB and PS2 connections. For the full report on the tests carried out, or to find out more about Unotron’s S6000K or M12, please call 0203 474 0234 or e-mail KBS aims to provide the right product for the right job through awesome service, advice and guidance.
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