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Cherry KC 6000 Slim available now!

Cherry KC 6000 Slim available now!

KBS are now stocking the Cherry KC 6000 Slim.

With a sleek compact design this functional keyboard saves on space whilst appealing to a more style-conscious user. Ideal for everyday use in offices or home spaces the KC 6000 is sturdily built boasting an integrated keyboard and precise scissor mechanism keys.

To add to its functionality Cherry has added six practical keys. One to gain you access to your preferred browser, one to lock your system, three for adjusting volume and a calculator key. Coming with a 1.8m cable, status LEDs and USB connection the KC 6000 is well suited for not only a desk setup but also for travelling with as it only weighs 660 grams.

Its ultra-flat design helps to make the average keyboard user feel comfortable typing. With laser engraved keycaps this keyboard has been built to last. The KC 6000 is available in silver with white keys and black with black keys. For MAC uses who would like to buy a non-Apple keyboard but would still like the same aesthetic then the silver would be the ideal choice.

The Cherry KC 6000 Slim is not only practical but an economical one too, why not have a look at it here.

For any more information you may require please contact Keyboard Specialists on 0203 474 0234.

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