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Commonwealth Games Coming to Birmingham

Commonwealth Games Coming to Birmingham

The Commonwealth Games are coming to the heart of the UK! Birmingham will be on the global stage; it’s stadiums, landmarks people and culture.

Whether you like sport or not, we know from the 2012 Olympics the buzz of the event will get us all involved.  In preparation of this huge sporting event, we’d like to help you understand what it’s all about.

What are the Commonwealth Games

So, to start things off, let’s talk a little bit about what the Commonwealth Games are and what they represent. The Games are a sporting event which takes place using people who are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, a group of 54 states across the world which are almost all former British Empire territories. The first Commonwealth games took place in 1930 and have, with only two exceptions, owing to WWII, taken place once every four years. 

The Commonwealth Games, at the time of writing, serve as the more inclusive and diverse counterpoint to the modern Olympic Games. Athletes with a physical disability are included as full members of their representing teams rather than competing in a different sub-category like the Paralympics, making the Commonwealth Games the most fully inclusive sporting event in the world. Furthermore, in 2018, the Commonwealth games became the first multi-sport event on the planet to incorporate an equal number of medal events for men and women. 


Excited for the Games

To be honest, we are pretty excited for the games to take place. The Commonwealth Games attract a lot of prestige, and to be able to host them is always a great honour, which is why having them in Birmingham is a real privilege. 

Hopefully, the games will attract a thriving crowd of sporting fans and tourists, who will then be able to see what makes the city such a great place to visit.


X-Keys - Sporting Aid, Our Point of Pride

Sports technology has come a long way since the Commonwealth Games first started out in 1930.  In today’s world a click of the button can help with those all-important sporting decisions and that’s why it’s vital to ensure you have the right technology.

We know that a lot of the games and events taking place will make use of technology like our X-keys tools. We’ve designed them to be as accurate as possible, and they work mostly for camera control and instant replays.  Take a look at a couple of our customer favourites;


X-Keys One Button Switches: these can be used to programme a command (or chain of functions). They are often used in the footballing world and allow the Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) to communicate with the on-field match officials.

x keys - one button switch


X-Keys KKE-64 Replay is an instant replay solution which is suitable for both recording sports and live streaming. We use it with the vMix template, which provides an instant level of setup for all keys and indicators. This allows people to control all four channels of instant replay in vMix Pro and also create clips for multiple highlight reels.

x keys xke 64


Final Thoughts

As a business based in the West Midlands, we’re extremely excited to see the Commonwealth Games come to Birmingham and super proud that the technology we sell will assist in this event. 

Visitors will have plenty of opportunity to see exactly what this city can offer and join one of the biggest and most inclusive sporting events in the world. We can’t wait to enjoy the games and hope to see some of you there!

XKE-64 Replay

One button link

Commonwealth Games

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