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Dental Keyboards: HTM01-05 Compliance – Is it easily achievable?

One of the reasons The Department of Health Technical Memorandum (HTM01-05) was introduced was as a guide for efficient infection control measures across dentistry.

Section 6.66 of HTM01-05: ‘For infection control reasons, in clinical areas: covers should be provided over computer keyboards: or conventional keyboards should be replaced with "easy-clean" waterproof keyboards as recommended in the Department of Health`s (2008) `Clean, safe care: reducing infections and saving lives`.

This section advises that in clinical areas, all precautions should be taken to help reduce and eliminate cross-contamination.

In the context of computer equipment, this can be achieved much easier than you may think.....

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) Ltd have the UK’s largest offering of fully HTM01-05 compliant keyboards, mice and smart card readers and keep 100’s in stock ready for next day delivery:

Accumed 540 CV2: compact, reliable, fully waterproof, wipe-able and submergible – it also has a built-in touchpad.

Medigenic: completely flat, easy to wipe and clean, approved by NHS trials.

Cleankeys CK2: completely flat, pause function for easier cleaning, built-in touch pad and fully wireless (rechargeable).

All of these keyboards come with full manufacturer’s warranty and a price promise.

These keyboards fully comply with HTM01-05 and can be used in any clinical area.

Best practice for all dentists is to clean between patients. This is sometimes impractical but by using a wipe-able keyboard, can easily be achieved and save the surgery ££££’s in cleaning costs and materials over the course of its lifetime.

With KBS and companies alike, becoming HTM01-05 compliant can be much easier than you think.

KBS are available on the telephone, email or web and can best advise regarding section 6.66 to help you comply.
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