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Ergonomic keyboards – be informed!

You may not realise it but with the world revolving around technology and typing, workers with 9 – 5 jobs are getting more and more complaints with wrist, back and arm pains – but is this something that can be easily avoided?

Everyone has heard the words ‘ergonomic’ with different keyboards, mice even pens being designed to keep the body and hands in correct positions. Posture is of upmost importance when working on computers regularly and Ergonomic has become more important over the years.

As generations continue computer keyboard markets for ergonomic units have significantly grown as many office workers and businesses make the switch to putting employee’s health and well-being first. Opting to purchase ergonomic equipment for staff minimises risks of long term damages to muscles caused in the workplace.

Typing for a long period of time on a flat, everyday keyboard will cause future discomfort, whereas switching to an ergonomic keyboard will drastically change this.

Which ergonomic keyboard best suitable to use?

Ergonomic keyboards do not always need to be split keyboards which look funny shapes – compact keyboards also improve typing posture.

Compact keyboards actually reduce the distance between the keyboard and mouse and encourages better arm positioning when using the mouse. Due to the smaller size, this can also free up space at a desk, so you can work better without compromising on the functions themselves.

Enquire today about finding out which Ergonomic keyboard is right for you by calling Keyboard Specialists (KBS) on 0203 474 0234.
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