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How to Clean Your Keyboard

How to Clean Your Keyboard

The KBS guide to cleaning your keyboard

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a workplace keyboard used daily or a keyboard used casually at home, keeping everything clean is very important. Not only does cleaning your keyboard reduce the chances of keys becoming stuck and therefore out of action, but it also removes any bacteria and germs that may have built up over time. Plus, it’s a lot more enjoyable to use a keyboard that is clean and in a good condition. A lot of people avoid cleaning their keyboard, assuming it to be an arduous and time consuming task, but this isn’t the case. As you will see from our easy steps below, cleaning a keyboard is straightforward.


Cleaning Your Keyboard

  • Remove Loose Debris - Before you do anything, turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard. Then tilt the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove any loose debris.
  • Clean the Keys - Using a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol, clean the area surrounding each key. You may need to repeat this step a handful of times if a lot of dirt has built up. It’s always a good idea to test the rubbing alcohol on a small section of the keyboard to ensure it doesn’t leave a mark. Once any dirt has been removed, use a lint free cloth to remove dust. This will also polish the keyboard.
  • Remove and Clean the Keys - The keys can be removed from a lot of keyboards, which is ideal for cleaning. Pry the keys off using a butter knife or a flathead screwdriver, then clean them individually. This can be done with water and soap, or using rubbing alcohol. (Please note that it's not advisable to remove the keys from a regular keyboard and this should only ever be done with a mechanical keyboard which are designed to have their keys removed)
  • Clean the Trenches - With the keys removed, you will be able to clean the area underneath. This can be done by blowing the debris away with compressed air or by wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth.

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