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KBS Welcomes Purekeys

KBS Welcomes Purekeys

With years of research and a passion for improvement, Purekeys has been developed to work in all medical environments including; dentists, hospitals, vets, doctors, pharmaceuticals and laboratories to help reduce and eliminate cross contamination.
The flat top surface is made of high grade silicone rubber and can be cleaned in seconds with any hospital grade disinfectant. Because of its ease of cleaning, this range contributes to a maximum level of infection prevention control.
Fully HTM01-05 compliant, CQC auditable and approved for use in all veterinary practices, the entire Purekeys range can be used from reception desk to surgical theatre working to protect staff and patients at all times.

Re-sellers and NHS get enhanced support with pricing, trial units and (if required) visits.

Please get in touch with any queries you may have.
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