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Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT Mac Bluetooth Compact Keyboard

Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT Mac Bluetooth Compact Keyboard

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) adds to its already large and versatile Keysonic Range.

KBS have added the eagerly anticipated Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT Mac Bluetooth Compact Keyboard. This keyboard adds even more variety to the already versatile Keysonic Range, which entertains a wide range of keyboards to fit your every need.

The Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT Mac Bluetooth Compact Keyboard is ideal for anyone who uses a device such as a Smartphone or iPad. As you have probably already found out for yourself, inputting large amounts of data and typing out long emails on these devices can be very hard, slow work – this is usually down to the touch screen being unresponsive and not giving a tactile ‘bump’, so you don’t know that the key has been pressed and therefore ending up adding unwanted data. This is where the Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT comes into its own – with Bluetooth compatibility the compact keyboard can be linked up to any device that has Bluetooth connectivity meaning that the days of struggling to type on your touch screen are long gone!

Due to the compact design of the Keysonic KBS-3001-iBT the keyboard will fit into any laptop bag and you will be able to carry it around effortlessly – and don’t be worried about the keyboard weighing you down, as it weighs less than 500g, so you’ll barely notice that it’s there!

This keyboard is ideal if you find that you spend hours and hours wasted travelling coming back from meetings, and have to wait to get back to the office to type up notes. Well you can now save time and become more productive by typing them up with ease on the go! The slim, white design makes the KBS-30031-iBT look very attractive meaning that it won’t look out of place with your iPad, Mac or smart phone.

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About Keyboard Specialists

KBS is the leading UK supplier of medical, industrial and educational keyboards and IT accessories, meeting the requirements of some of the biggest organisations across the world. The company has quickly established itself amongst the leaders in specialised IT hardware distribution and offers worldwide delivery options to suit any business, using globally recognised logistical partners to deliver items quickly, securely and conveniently.

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