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Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards – NOW Available at KBS!

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards – NOW Available at KBS!

KBS have added to our range. We now stock and supply the fully ergonomic Kinesis range. In this range, Kinesis supplies two ergonomic keyboards as well as additional accessories to aid typists with consistent typing.

Why do you need an ergonomic keyboard?
Ergonomic keyboards, such as Kinesis, have been designed with considerations which are able to minimise muscle strain and health related problems while using the PC. Keyboards which are ergonomic are designed is a ‘V’ shape which ensures a more natural typing position for the user.

What is in the Kinesis ergonomic range?
Kinesis Advantage Keyboard: The Kinesis Advantage Keyboard has been designed with contoured keys and low profile mechanical switches. The curved design of this keyboard allows the user to type in a natural position, with the keys being laid out in a way to utilise each finger when typing.

Separating the key-wells positions the arms at shoulder width to keep the wrists straight.

The integrated palm support of this keyboard reduces stressful bending of the wrists and allows for rest when typing is not taking place.

Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard: The Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard allows for users to customise how they use their keyboard based on individual needs. The Kinesis Freestyle can be split down the middle then moved around as necessary. The additional accessory kits then add to this Kinesis Freestyle keyboard by tilting the keyboard and adding functions which can then be changed by each user respectfully.

The Kinesis Range is small but ideal for any user who needs an ergonomic keyboard and assistance with typing.

Contact Keyboard Specialists (KBS) today on 0203 474 0234 for more information about the Kinesis Range or to discuss your ergonomic keyboard needs.

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