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Prevention starts with the Medigenic keyboard. Get Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI’s) under your control.

Computer keyboards are everywhere in healthcare facilities. Typical healthcare keyboards have multiple users, which means cross-contamination to and from patients can result in fatal consequences, particularly if a transient bacterium such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) exists. Strong arguments for improved infection-control methodologies are evident where computer keyboards collect bacteria and require attention to maintain cleanliness.

Medigenic (in partnership with the NHS) have designed a smart infection-control keyboard which helps monitor its own cleaning status to safeguard both patients and staff. The Medigenic keyboard’s flat design quickly wipes clean with healthcare-grade disinfectants – there are no raised keys to wipe around; no covers requiring replacement or disposal; no reason to disconnect, submerge and dry. Thus making cleaning the keyboard fast and easy, whilst saving time and being able to carry on working.

Medigenic manufacture two keyboard options and one mouse, which are the Medigenic Essential Keyboard, Compliance keyboard and the Medigenic Scroll mouse. Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) stock both the Medigenic Keyboards and mouse. All of these products are ideal for healthcare environments, but have some key features that make them unique:

The Medigenic Essential keyboard is ideal for Dental Surgery’s; it is cost effective and still works perfectly as a medical keyboard. As the keyboard has no raised or recessed surfaces bacteria cannot hide underneath a crevice, meaning that the bacterial contamination can be eliminated. With its design it is extremely easy to clean - by using hospital grade antibacterial wipes and is impervious to liquid cleaning products, thus meaning that you don’t have to unplug the keyboard to clean it - making the job a lot quicker. By using a Medigenic Essential keyboard the user will receive an excellent tactile key response. The Essential keyboard complies with the most recent of legislations; HTM01-05 compliant passed by the CQC Audits and cleaner, conforms to the Safer Care guidelines and is approved by the Department of Health (DOM). These features make the keyboard ideal for other environments such as doctor’s surgeries or veterinarians, all at a very competitive price.

The Medigenic Compliance keyboard has all the key features that the Essential has... and more. The Compliance is a patented infection control keyboard which monitors its own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff. This is done through a flashing light and alarm on the keyboard, which sounds when the keyboard needs cleaning. This alarm is preset by the manufacturer at twelve hours but is user definable, so it can be set in accordance to the environment that the user is in. This feature makes the keyboard ideal for a Hospital environment because when cleaning a large number of keyboards a day, the user has to quickly see which keyboards needs to be cleaned and which do not. The Medigenic Compliance also has a time effective, clever feature which is a single keystroke that disables the keyboard during the cleaning process. This means that no data will be accidently input during cleaning, and the user doesn’t have to waste time unplugging the keyboard. Another benefit of using the Compliance keyboard in a hospital environment is the backlit keys for low light or dark areas, this could be very useful in surgery, where the light is magnified on the patient and the light may be poor in the other areas of the room where the keyboard may be situated.

Medigenic also manufacture a scroll mouse, which is fully approved by the department of health and is fit for any medical environment. The Scroll Mouse is easy to clean with hospital grade antibacterial wipes, the user is able to clean whilst plugged in and the mouse is fully sealed to IP65 standard. Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) offers the Medigenic Scroll mouse and Medigenic Essential/Compliance in a product bundle, to try and keep the price as competitive as possible.

Kieran Ford, Head of Business Development at KBS believes that; “Both the Medigenic keyboards are ideal for any healthcare environment and will fit perfectly into any medical environment.”
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