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Accuratus KYBNA-SIL-105C Medical Keyboard Review

Accuratus KYBNA-SIL-105C Medical Keyboard Review

Employees in the medical environment have been crying out for washable keyboards to stop the spread of disease and to reduce cross contamination in medical clinics. Many Dentists wrap cling film over their keyboards to try to protect against contamination – surely there is another way!

This is why Accuratus have extended their range of medically approved keyboards, introducing the new, cleverly designed KYBNA-SIL-105C. This medical keyboard has the same functionality as a standard office keyboard whilst being fully washable with any hospital grade disinfectant or wipe.

The KYBNA-SIL-105-C is much more user-friendly then Accumed’s previous products in their medical range. To date, this is the most typing friendly medical keyboard that I have come across. This has been due to the small feet at the base of the keyboard adding stability and a slight angle, allowing you to type at a more comfortable position.

Medical keyboards are designed to stop cross-contamination from patient to doctor back to patient; this is with the aim of stopping the spread of diseases such as MRSA. To prevent the spread of bacteria the keyboards used in medical environments need to be completely washable. The KYBNA-SIL-105C from Accuratus is antimicrobial certified thus meaning there are antibacterial agents built into the industrial silicone (latex free) covering of the keyboard, therefore making the keyboard easier to clean. The Accuratus can be easily cleaned by submerging the keyboard into a disinfectant tank OR by wiping the keyboard with any disinfectant. Accuratus has thought of everything – by adding USB covers to make sure that water cannot get into the USB ports.

Kieran Ford, Head of Business Development at KBS believes that ‘The new improved Accumed KYBNA-SIL-105C is an ideal keyboard for any medical environment whilst offering fantastic usability – all of which coming at a very competitive price!’

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