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Cherry MX Board 1.0 Review

Cherry MX Board 1.0 Review

Cherry are known for their fantastic range of mechanical switches and at one point, once dominated the mechanical keyboard market. Today, I'll be reviewing their full-size mechanical keyboard, the Cherry MX Board 1.0. This keyboard was released in November 2018 and is one of their most recent products. And for keyboard fanatics out there, it does come equipped with Cherry MX switches, but for now, let's find out what else it has to offer.

The typeface used on the key-caps themselves are new and look very sleek and modern. Also, the new font on the key-caps look great and mesh nicely with the Cherry logo. Unlike its predecessor, the MX Board 3.0, the logo isn't backlit and is instead printed on the bottom of the board in a silver, metallic effect plastic; This makes it look sharp when combined with the black of the keyboard and its back-lighting. The backlighting, like the Cherry MX Board 6.0, also features 100 hundred levels that can be selected individually with the button combinations on the function key and the F5 and F6 keys respectively. The backlighting, when on, makes the keyboard looks sleek and modern and the key-caps, allow the light to shine through which gives the keyboard a radiant look.

Being a fan of both switches on this keyboard, I can personally say that I prefer MX-Red silent as opposed to the MX Browns. In general, I haven’t really been the biggest fan of noisy keyboards and MX-Reds do the job, providing you don’t press down on the keys too hard. Both switches, are guaranteed to fifty million actuation's which is displayed on the box.

Overall, the new Cherry MX Board 1.0 is an improvement to its predecessor, it features some great updates such as the new typeface. It has a much nicer design compared to the MX Board 6.0 and its overall quality has vastly improved compared to its former's and I can gladly say that it would appeal to a wide range of customers 

For any more information you may require on the Cherry MX Board 1.0, please contact Keyboard Specialists on 0203 474 0234.



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