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Saying thanks is key to Ardeep of Keyboard Specialists Ltd

Saying thanks is key to Ardeep of Keyboard Specialists Ltd

Borough businessman Ardeep Badwal has shown his appreciation towards NHS staff who cared for his mother by donating wipeable and washable computer keyboards to  Walsall Manor Hospital.

Ardeep Badwal, Managing Director of KBS Keyboard Specialists Ltd, of Darlaston, said he wanted to do something to say thank you to those who helped and cared for his mother who was taken ill with heart problems.

He donated a package worth £1,000 to Walsall Manor Hospital – and did the same for Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital where his Willenhall mother was treated.

Included in Mr Badwal’s generous donation were keyboards and mice that can be put into a dishwasher or cleaned with antibacterial wipes and he handed them over to staff from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Infection Prevention and Control team.

He explained: “One package comprised of three keyboards and mice that can be washed and might be most suitable for administrative staff while the other was three sets of flat keyboards and mice, silicone coated, that could be put to better use by doctors and nurses on hospital wards.

“When I came into the Manor to hand them over the staff were really pleased because of the infection control aspect. For me, it was important to say thank you to the NHS for being there when we need it. My mother was treated at New Cross but a Walsall paramedic came out to see her and he stayed over his shift to get her the right treatment and help her and without that commitment she wouldn’t be alive today.”

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