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Cherry MX Switches - the RED Switch

Cherry MX Switches - the RED Switch

Many of you have heard of the well-known Cherry MX Switches but not all of you know the differences between the switches in their respective fields. However don’t fret I'm here to explain the difference between the two variants; so without further a due let’s start with first one the MX Switch.

This is a mix of both factual and personal opinion, if you agree or disagree then that’s entirely up to you, anyways let’s get into it.

MX Switch
The MX switches are the main type of Cherry switches that is world renowned for their design, their different uses in both the office and in the gaming world. Each colour varies for whatever purpose you want to use it for. So let’s start off with the Red Switches.

My personal favourite cherry switch, the MX Red switches are a force to be reckoned with especially for gaming purposes. Even if you’re not a gamer the fast response time of the switches can bump up your typing speed massively. With an actuation speed of 45g which in keyboard terms is light you could press the keys just over half way and they’ll register as if you pressed the keys all the way down.

The pros for this keyboard is that out of all the switches the MX Reds are the fastest due to the amount of force needed to make the keys register and also the fact it’s a linear switch meaning there’s no tactile feedback whatsoever unless you bottom out, the Red MX Switches are the fastest responding switches.
Because of this, Red MX Switches are perfect for gamers making their split-second decision key presses manifest in break neck speed.

For such a good switch it does however have its flaws. Due to it not having the tactile feedback of the ‘Blue’ MX Switch, you can bottom out very easily with these keys and this can cause quite a bit of noise. For example I use the Cherry 6.0 MX Gaming keyboard at work and the noise is quite substantial even compared to the ‘Clicky Blue’ switches, (maybe because the keyboard received a spillage incident before I started but I'm not sure). Moreover because it is linear and the actuation is so small you’re never given the indication that the keys has been pressed meaning typos… and a lot of them, especially if you've never used a keyboard with Red MX Switches before it will take some getting used to before you can figure out how much force you need.
In summary the Red MX Switches are perfect for those who want to become faster and more efficient at typing and gaming but will need quite a bit of practice to even get to grips with learning to use the keyboard effectively. However all in all an awesome keyboard and I’d recommend the Cherry 6.0 gaming Keyboard to anyone; it’s one of the best I've used.
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