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Cherry MX Switches - the BLUE Switch

Cherry MX Switches - the BLUE Switch

Remember this is a mixture of personal opinion and factual evidence, so without further adieu here it is the Cherry MX Blue Switch.

Blue switches are the noisy, clicky bunch of switch in the MX family, perfect for office use because of the use of tactile and audible feedback. Not only are these switches commonly used in offices but they’re also perfect for use in long typing sessions. These switches are found in G80-3000, these are Cherry's own office keyboard but for the gamers out there these can be found in both Razer and Corsair Keyboards.

As I have mentioned before the Blue MX Switches are a commonplace sight in offices due to the tactile and audible feedback given off by the switches. Having a actuation point of 50g it’s only slightly heavier than the Red switches but coupled with the feedback given off many consider the Blues to be superior to the Reds.

Noise. These switches are noisy I mean I thought that a bottoming out Red switch was loud but until I whipped out a Cherry keyboard out the spares cupboard to type up the review, the red switches seem like a whisper in the wind compared to a symphony of clickity-clack that the Blue switches give off. Also being 5g heavier than the Red switches mean that they’re less responsive however when you’re typing in an office I guess this won’t affect you as much.

In summary the Blue switches are a great way to start your mechanical switch journey if you've never owned a mechanical keyboard ever, it would serve as like a guideline on how mechanical switches work as it gives you the aids of tactile and audible feedback. Also if you don’t mind noise and use your computer a lot then this keyboard is perfect for you.

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