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Cherry MX Switches - the Switch you didn't know

Remember as always this is a mix of both factual and personal opinion, if you agree or disagree then that’s entirely up to you, anyways let’s get into it.

If you can find any keyboard with Clear MX Switches then first of all I salute and applaud your success. Being serious though if you do find a keyboard with Clear MX Switches then you’ll be treated with a switch that’s heavier than the brown and with a tactile bump is more defined. As there aren't many keyboards out there sporting the Clear MX Switches any more; that in itself is its own con as it is very, very hard to source these days.

Whilst given the name Clear it in fact isn't actually transparent. In fact it's more of a translucent colour, little fact it was given this look to distinguish itself against the Cherry White switch.

Being a heavy 65g of actuation force for the key to register, it’s much heavier and a stronger tactile feedback version to the brown switch meaning the ‘bump’ you feel when pressing the key is more defined in the Clear switches than in the Brown. Also it doesn't have the audible feedback like a blue but as it is very hard to source a keyboard with Clear switches there’s not really much going in favour for the switch.

Finally the last of the main commercial switches is the Green MX Switch. Want to know why these switches are green? Check out the Hulk in any Avengers or stand-alone film you’ll see where I’m coming from. These switches are the heaviest having a actuation point of a staggering 80g which is basically pushing down a sieved ¾ cup of flour for every single key. Yeah your fingers are going to have muscles on muscles.

The Greens are a much heavier version to the Blues as they have the same tactile noise and feedback that are used within Blue Switches however I wouldn't recommend this switch unless you are an amazingly heavy typer as I found typing on Black Switches hard enough, this wouldn't be useful for anyone who is very light on their fingers or those who touch type as the heaviness wouldn't permit such light strokes on the keys.

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