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Cherry MX Switches - the BLACK Switch

Cherry MX Switches - the BLACK Switch

The Black switch is one of the lesser known switches compared to the Red, Blue and Brown switches. These switches are surprisingly really heavy with an actuation point of 60g which compared to the usual 45g from my 6.0 Red Switch Gaming Keyboard is like pushing mini boulders with my fingers, but that’s just me.

Blacks are mainly used within our EPOS range due to their durability and reliability which makes them perfect for store-fronts. However because they are linear they can also be used for gaming keyboards as well.

Being linear like the Red switches it aids in the actuation process as you don’t have to wade through the added pressure of tactile and/or audible feedback like the Blues otherwise these switches would be unbearably heavy. Perfect for heavy typing/gaming hands this keyboard is also very quiet even when bottoming out.

Linear switch but heavier actuation point 60g makes this keyboard really difficult to use, in my opinion especially when I’m used to Red 45g switches it does take its toll on your hands. Also as I had said before the Blacks whilst being used quite a bit in most Cherry made keyboards aren't as popular when being used in non-cherry keyboards with Red, Blue and Brown leading the way.

In summary the Black switches are mainly for heavy typers/gamers. As I'm using a keyboard which is fitted with the Black switches to type out this review on them it put a massive strain on my fingers and wrists, so I would advise if you do use the black switches use sparingly with regular breaks to minimise the risk of RSI (repetitive strain Injury), or have bigger and heavier hands!

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