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Cherry Product Updates from KBS

Cherry have recently updated their product ranges, now including a Brown MX keyboard in the range as well as making changes to a current favourite:


The G80-3850 gaming keyboard with Red MX switches has now been updated. Only a few minor details, not taking away from the fact it is an amazing keyboard!

Through popular demand the Cherry G80-3850 keyboard now comes with a fixed cable! That’s right – no longer has this amazing gaming keyboard come with a detachable cable which unplugs every time the keyboard is moved, it is now fixed, making use easier and more effective.


The G80-3850 comes in 2 different mechanical switch types! Red and BROWN!

We all love the Cherry Brown MX Switch! The tactile switch which doesn’t make too much noise when typing – the Brown MX switch keys are ideal for both typists and gamers. Still having the fast feedback all gaming keyboards need.


Each single button utilises the legendary, mechanical Cherry MX technology with their gold-Crosspoint contacts that guarantee secure contact performance, exemplary feedback and unsurpassed reaction speed. The Cherry MX Board 3.0 meets the highest demands of many keyboard users and is the keyboard par excellence for gaming. Now more robust and precise than the world's most popular and successful predecessor model.

So overall the G80-3850 keyboards have been improved all round – enhancing faster and better performance!
Cherry Keyboards are still the most popular brand of keyboard around the world with the famous MX switches being used in almost every environment.

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