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NEW PRODUCT ALERT – Accumed Glass Keyboard

NEW PRODUCT ALERT – Accumed Glass Keyboard

Keyboard Specialists (KBS) are proud to present the NEW release of the Accumed Glass keyboard with integrated touchpad. Fully functional on ANY PC!

The Accumed Glass keyboard is the most efficient cleanable keyboard we have every sold, with a completely flat surface for quick and easy cleaning with medical grade wipes and sprays.

What makes this keyboard better? It is fully functional in any environment with this unit being Wired, Wireless and Bluetooth all in one – as well as being compatible on Mac and Windows PC’s.

The integrated touchpad which is interchangeable as a numeric keypad allows for full use with a specialist ‘pause’ button allowing the keyboard to be cleaned fast. Additional features include adjustable sound and vibration feedback to provide a natural typing experience.

Ideal for dental surgeries, NHS hospitals, veterinaries, laboratories, food processing and much more!

Call KBS on 0203 474 0234 to enquire about our NEW Accumed Glass Keyboard today.
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