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Contour Unimouse Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

Contour Unimouse Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

Keyboard Specialists Ltd are now stocking the Red Dot Design 2018 Winner, the sleek and ever ergonomic Contour Unimouse. Contour’s Unimouse is a game changer, the idea of using a vertical mouse for computers has been around for some time, although recently more products have been noticeably available and that’s where Contour’s Unimouse comes in. It first caught my eye when I saw that the angles were adjustable and I haven’t gone back to my old mouse ever since. It’s a mouse which is able to suit everyone’s needs due to the movable thumb rest and its adjustable vertical angles. This is the next level of ergonomics. When compared to other ergonomic mice, its relatively easy to see that Contour’s Unimouse blows competition out of the water due to it’s aesthetically pleasing design and its user experience in terms of ergonomics.  

The Contour Unimouse allows a user to change angles between 35° and 70°; The Unimouse does this in order to enable users to get the chance to find the right angle for them, the idea of the mouse is to mimic a handshake which I thought that Contour captured well. The Unimouse provides comfort and precision regardless of the user’s hand size, making it truly universally unique.

Not only does it boast customisable angles, the Unimouse also comes equipped with an adjustable thumb rest which is tiltable and retractable. This along with the complete design of the mouse, allows the user to avoid strain as the thumb support helps position your hand to prevent pinching. The mouse is adjustable vertically which enables a user to reduce pain and discomfort. Contour pride themselves on helping to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which is proven by the build quality and full design of the Unimouse. An upright vertical hand position can take away the pressure in your wrist and arm. This is a greater alternative to normal mice as since they’re normally flat, your arm would naturally twist in order to keep your hands flat.

Keeping up the theme of being ergonomic and being well suited to all types of users, the Unimouse comes in four different models. With two being wireless and the other two wired, both with left handed and right handed models depending to a user’s personal preference. The wireless version comes with its own receiver that has been attached to a Micro USB cable although, it can be detached to be used separately, I think this is a great addition as it enables you to charge the mouse whilst getting rid of disruptions making it essential for a workplace environment. The battery is long lasting as it enables the mouse to last for up to three months. It also comes equipped with a smart sleep battery system which then amplifies the battery’s longevity. With a plug and play compatibility, there’s no effort required in setting up the Unimouse whether it may be the wireless or wired version.  

For any more information you may require on the Contour Unimouse, please contact Keyboard Specialists on 0203 474 0234.

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