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Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review

Keyboard Specialists are now stocking the minimalistic Cherry DW9000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set. This combo is not only perfect in terms of design, but also practical use. The DW9000 Keyboard is perfection personified, due its low-profile chiclet keys which I’m a huge fan of due to its quiet key presses. I love chiclet keyboards as the spacing between each key reduces the chances of hitting the wrong key, which the DW9000 gets right. They’re also much accurate, quieter and faster as opposed to more traditional keyboards such as mechanical and membrane keyboards. Chiclet key keyboards are my top choice of keyboard to go for if you’re in an environment where you’re required to be typing a lot more regularly.

As I stated above, the keyboard is perfection personified, its thin construction is not only practical but also astonishing from a design point of view. The colour combination is immaculate with the bronze and black meshing well together whilst looking simplistic. This creates the effect of a minimalistic design which Cherry and other keyboard manufacturers seems to be going for more nowadays. This trend is often butchered due to its simplicity although Cherry doesn’t fail here. The user experience did not seem to dwindle from the packaging to the practical use of both products. Cherry opted for a bolder design as opposed to just keeping it simplistic. The keyboard is laser engraved which makes it much easier to read and identify, whilst the keys themselves use a scissor mechanism. The keys on the DW9000, are attached to the keyboard via two plastic pieces that interlock like scissors. The scissor pieces then link the keycap to a plunger that then depresses the rubber dome with a 2mm travel distance which is shorter than what you’d find in regular rubber dome keyboards. They keyboard has a bronze accent on the back which has rubber pads which stop the keyboard from sliding from the surface it’s on. Cherry also provides additional rubber pads to change the tilt of the keyboard.

The mouse comes with a stone finish which is applied to the plastic covers to give it a better grip. It’s a completely symmetrical design, meaning that you could switch over for left handed use depending on your preference. The mouse also comes with 6 buttons. On the top of the mouse, there’s a dpi selector which has three levels which are: 600, 1000 and then 1600 dpi. The lower half of the mouse has an abstract pattern which gives it an extra grip whilst using it. Under the mouse however, is a wireless receiver attached into the bottom magnetically, which enables the mouse to be used separately from the keyboard.  Also, both the keyboard and mouse can be connected wirelessly via a radio frequency or bluetooth. The combo boasts lithium-ion batteries in them which can be recharged via micro usb.

For any more information you may require on the Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard & Mouse Combo, please contact Keyboard Specialists on 0203 474 0234.

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