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Great News for Dentists: New HTM01-05 Compliant Keyboards and Mice have been developed – and they are available NOW!

A complete range of keyboards and mice has been developed by leading industry experts and computer hardware manufacturers to fully comply with HTM01-05 legislation.

HTM01-05 was designed to reduce the possibility of contamination from dental instruments and Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI’s), by producing and implementing equipment which can be fully cleaned to medical standards.

Nationwide delivery is available from Keyboard Specialists (KBS) who cater for all budgets:

Unotron keyboards offer a standard full size keyboard which is hermetically sealed on the inside to provide IP66 rating. Unotron also incorporate anti-microbial properties into their products which help eliminate germs and minimize cross contamination.

Accuratus Accumed keyboards offer a silicone overlay providing IP67 rating. With a tactile feedback action on slightly raised keys, the user can wash or wipe the keyboard clean and also incorporates silver-based anti-microbial properties labelled as ‘Nanoarmour’. With a range of shapes and sizes, these keyboards allow for all users to find something suitable.

Medigenic keyboards offer a hospital designed solution which incorporates a rubber overlay with tactile feedback and a patented alert system which informs the user when the keyboard needs cleaning. Sealed to IP65, these keyboards are impervious to dust, water and cleaning solutions.

Clean Keys offer a completely flat surface which is ideal for wiping and/washing between patients, thus creating a cost-effective solution as cleaning is done instantly in under 10 seconds. With an IP65 rating and glass or acrylic, wireless options available, this range is compact, smart and effective.

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) have been offering medically approved keyboards for a number of years but state that never has the amount of options been so vast. A spoke’s person for Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) stated, ‘With four complete ranges, Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) have on offer a medical grade and HTM01-05 compliant keyboard and mouse set for any given environment.’

Once obtained, dentists and other medical professionals can be safe in the knowledge that they are doing all they can to reduce HCAI’s and comply with Department of Health legislation HTM01-05.
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