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High Visibility Keyboards for All

High Visibility Keyboards for All

With emails, video calling, social media and IM, the world is becoming much easier to communicate with. But what about for people who sometimes struggle with technological communication – such as the elderly, or children – are there any products to help and support them in the online world of today?

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) has been offering assistive IT technology for a number of years and has a wide range of products available for a wide range of people:

People who are visually impaired or have sight difficulties: the Geemarc keyboard from KBS has slightly larger than standard keys but with high visibility lettering to help the user see the letters much easier than a conventional keyboard.

People who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis or hand tremors: a Big Keys keyboard gives the user larger letters and to press and with the help of a Big Keys guard, a guide to help the user press only the correct button.

Children: the Accuratus Monster II with a rainbow image is a lower case lettering keyboard, with vowels being a different colour to consonants, large keys and bright & bold colours to engage the user.

There are also a number of mice, screens and other accessories available to match these ranges.

All of these options are designed with the user in mind and KBS keeps all of these options (and many more) in stock and ready for next day delivery.

Reported figures suggest that over 54 million computers in the UK are actively being used. This demonstrates the need to offer a wider range of keyboards and IT peripherals for specialist use.

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