Cherry are the oldest keyboard manufacturer which still runs to this day. Designing user-friendly, easy to type keyboards, Cherry are famous for their Mechanical MX Switch keyboard technology. 

Keyboard Specialists Ltd (KBS) work very closely with Cherry to provide each user the best keyboard possible for them. For more information about Cherry keyboards, please call 0203 474 0324. 

CHERRY KC 6000 Slim keyboard
Cherry G80-3000 Mechanical - Blue MX Keyboard
CHERRY J84-4300 ‘Wipe-key’ Keyboard Save 68%
CHERRY STRAIT 3.0 Desktop Keyboard
CHERRY G80-1800 Compact Keyboard
Cherry DW 9000 Slim Wireless Keyboard
CHERRY KC 6000 Slim Mac keyboard
Cherry G85-23200 Keyboard with Whisper Quiet Keystrokes
Cherry G84-5200 Compact Desktop Keyboard XS With Numeric Keypad
CHERRY DW 3000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set
CHERRY DW 5100 Keyboard and Mouse Set
CHERRY JK-0370 Strait 3.0 For MAC Desktop Keyboard
CHERRY MC 4000 Wired Optical Mouse Save 20%
Cherry MW-3000 Wireless Mouse
Cherry G80-8000 POS Mag-Swipe Keyboard
CHERRY MW 4500 Wireless Mouse