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Athena; Wireless Medical Keyboard

After popular demand for a wireless medical keyboard to be used in doctors surgeries, dentists and vets. Keyboard Specialists (KBS) now have the solution! Athena AMK-102W.

The unique design successfully completes the modern and popular demands of a waterproof keyboard that is wireless! Athena is made from industrial silicon rubber, ensuring it is HTM01-05 compliant and washable. Low profile keys on this standard keyboard make it wipeable for easy cleaning in any medical environment using antibacterial wipes or sprays. This can be done in between patients for best practice as it is extremely quick (less than 5 seconds to clean fully). As the only wireless medical grade keyboard on the market, which complies with CQC Audits, the 2.4GHz connection (via Dongle) makes the Athena AMK-102W completely reliable without any inference. Athena’s wireless keyboard has been produced in white to execute a clean surface and a positive aesthetic look.

Keyboard Specialists has been chosen as a distributor for Athena Medical and stocks many popular medical keyboards for doctors, dentists, vets, laboratories and pharmaceuticals. Keyboard Specialists listens and understands your technical needs and aims to provide the right product for the right job. If you have any further queries about Athena Medical or any other medical keyboards, please call 0203 474 0234 or email
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