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Cherry MX Switches - the BROWN Switch

Cherry MX Switches - the BROWN Switch

Remember this is a mix of both factual and personal opinion, if you agree or disagree then that’s entirely up to you, anyways let’s get into it.

The Brown switches are what most people call the ‘Hybrid Switch’ as it feels like a mixture of both Red and Blue. These switches are linear like the Red switch but have the tactile feedback of the Blue switches. These switches are primarily used within non-cherry keyboards such as Corsair and Razer Gaming keyboards.

Being linear like the Red Switch means faster response times and as their actuation point is 45g you’ll be able to pull off double and with enough practice maybe even triple taps. Moreover with the added tactile feedback you get when pressing the keys these switches aren’t just good for gaming but also typing as well, giving keyboards with the brown switches more functionality over the solely gaming Red Switches.

Also without the clicky sound featured within Blue switches the Brown Switch is hailed by users as the quietest switches around due to the tactile feedback giving indication as to when you should lift your finger, which is apart from the Red Switches which cause me to bottom out every time I press them.

Having the actuation force of 45g means that it is slower than the Red Switches but only slightly, so it’s not really much of a con but for those who like speed and are very finicky about those sort of things may find this a set-back. Also there have been reports of slight strain when using keyboards with brown switches however as I have yet to use a keyboard with brown switches this is purely hearsay and you can make that judgement on your own accord.

In summary if you’re looking for a cross between the gaming functionality of a red and the tactile feedback of a blue without skimping on actuation then this is perfect for you. Also without the use of the clicky sound that’s in the blue switches means noise is not an issue, this allows you to game or type out your work without worrying about noise.

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